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LOVAG - Low Voltage Agreement Group

  • Established in 1991, LOVAG is a group of recognition agreement between Certification Bodies that currently includes seven signatories: CASA IMQ SpA (Italy), ALPHA eV (Germany), ASEFA (France), SGS-CEBEC (Belgium), Applus + CTC (Spain), Intertek SEMKO (Sweden).
  • The objective of LOVAG is the harmonization of testing and certification for Low Voltage industrial, commercial and similar electrical Appliances.
  • The Certificate issuance by one of the signatories of the LOVAG agreement means that common test methods contained in LOVAG test instructions have been followed and that the tests have been conducted in a LOVAG recognized laboratory.
  • Benefits LOVAG
  • The LOVAG is registered by the European Organisation for Conformity Assessment (EOTC) set up by the European Commission.
  • All parties to the agreement are compliant with ISO 17065.
  • LOVAG applies the principle of "one-stop certification," one test, one certificate valid for all markets that recognize LOVAG certificates.
  • Through the mechanism of peer review, methods and testing signatories are constantly improved and consistent.


For more information, access the website LOVAG